Happy Anniversary!

adventurewithana.com officially launched a year ago --woo hoo!

Phu Quoc, Vietnam

So what has a year of adventures brought us?

The first bit of new content was an article called "What Are You Waiting For?" about my struggles with fear of failure. Truthfully, it's still incredibly relevant, as I'm sure is the case with lots of people. I'm learning that failure isn't the opposite of success, it's just a stepping stone on the path towards it. Sometimes it's a lot of steps, but I digress. Cheers to the moments we dive into the unknown, strive for our best, try the things we've never done before, and especially the times we rise and try again.

This past year I found myself living in one place, Tokyo, for the first time in a long time, and I had the chance to learn the ins and outs of the city. I was fortunate enough to travel to the south of Japan and visit the island of Kyushu, exploring the charming areas of Kagoshima and Nagasaki. I was also super lucky to be chosen by JR on a tour to Iwate in the North, learning about the history of Japan's old villages, and Jonno and I and our itchy feet were able to fill our weekends with day trips to beautiful towns just a few hours train ride outside of the city. I went back to Southeast Asia this year and visited Vietnam and Singapore, which inspired guides on the time I spent backpacking, like 10 Things to Do In Bangkok, How to Get From Bangkok to Cambodia (Without Getting Totally Ripped Off), and Cambodia: Explore The Temples of Angkor. I also finally made it to Australia where I got to snuggle with koalas and kangaroos!

My year wasn't full of only travel adventures, but some personal ones as well. After starting 15 years ago, I finally graduated from university. I spent a few months in Toronto for the first time in years, which was wonderful, difficult, full of joy and heartache all at once. My time at home brought me back to my writing roots, inspiring more personal pieces about moving forward from self-pity and the nostalgia of lost love. The year certainly had its struggles, as two people I loved dearly passed away far too soon. I'm still unpacking the weight of these losses, often questioning my life's decisions, from where I've chosen to live to my nearly four year long relationship. You struggle sometimes, often, but life goes on.

Through all the ups and downs, this space has been a constant. Sharing my adventures is what I love to do, and I'm so grateful for every opportunity I've been given.

To all those who've reached out in the last year, thank you so much! Your words and support mean the world, and I can't think of how I could possibly repay your kindness. I hope you are able to keep looking up and moving forward, I hope you never lose your sparkle, and most of all, I hope you remember that you are loved.

May we all strive for our goals in the face of our fears. Cheers to never losing hope.

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